Automatic Attack


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Now in CygnusMS you will be able to leave your character attacking automatically.

There are 2 types of automatic attack command: @at and @at move

  • @AT
This command allows you to leave attacking your character at the position on the map where you used the command. If the mob or boss is out of range of your attack, you will not be able to kill them (red rectangle = mobs | yellow rectangle = range of your attack).

  • @AT MOVE
This command is the same as the previous one (@att), the only difference is that your character will move horizontally and automatically to the nearest mob or boss to be able to attack automatically (does not apply to mobs or bosses that are on other platforms, higher or lower).



  • The commands only work for attacking, but not for climbing ropes, ladders or entering portals.
  • Before using either command, you must leave the skill set to the CTRL key on the game keyboard.
  • When using either command, if you have a Super Golden Apple in your inventory, it will be activated automatically.
  • Before using either command, it is recommended to leave your Totem (Frenzy, Raging or Guardian) active.
  • The commands, when used in the PQs, have a cost.
  • In order to disable the automatic attack, you must use the command @stop
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