Battle Square


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To enter the Battle Square you must select the Move Quickly option located under the mini-map, then select the Monster Park icon, and finally the Battle Square option



To enter the battle zone, we must talk to the NPC Crawson, who will show us a window with a list of options of the battle zones we can enter.


Ranges TIER´s:
  • Depending on the current level of your character, the list of TIER's in the battle zones will vary.
  • LS = Life Scroll
  • GMB = Golden Meso Bag
  • Tier = Level mob o boss (the higher the level, the greater HP, defense, attack, and the experience gain.)

Gallant Emblem

The Gallant Emblem is an item coin used to play in a Gachapon machine, in which you can get various prizes.

To get gallant emblem you only have to accumulate combos within the battle zone.
The more mobs you kill, the more combos you will accumulate. Every 1000combo!! is equal to x1 gallant emblem.


The gallant emblem will go directly to your inventory.

How do I use Gallant Emblem

In the same Battle Square map we will look for and talk to the NPC BP Exchanger, who will show us the following window

Clic in
Play now


With the first option we can change the list of items shown at the bottom, which has a cost of x10 Gallant Emblem (we can change it as many times as we want).


The second option will allow us to roll a die, which will indicate the number of the prize we have won.


Each time we roll a die, the cost of the move will increase by +5.


If we change the prize list, the cost will return to x10 Gallant Emblem.


  • Before using the Gallant Emblem, we recommend that you verify that you have enough space in your inventory, otherwise the prize will be lost.
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