Christmas Tree Decorating - [Finished]


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Monsters invaded White Christmas Will and have stolen the Christmas ornaments from the Christmas tree.

Help Black-nosed Fur and his friends to collect all the Christmas ornaments
you find by killing any kind of monsters.

You can access White Christmas Will by talking to the NPC Head Researcher Wynn (located in the Free Market), choosing the White Christmas Xmass option.

Give Black-nosed Fur all the ornaments you collect, he will place them on the tree, which will look fuller as more and more ornaments are placed.

Black-nosed Fur will also be able to show us a progress bar of the percentage of ornaments on the Christmas tree.

When it is at 100%, its leaves will fall and the Christmas ornaments will turn into Christmas Snow Crystal and Golden Snow Crystal that will be scattered all over the map.

It will also notify us in the chat window that the Christmas Tree Decoration event is about to start.

With the Christmas Snow Crystal and Golden Snow Crystal you will be able to redeem various prizes, which can be found on the Fur Puff and Fur White NPCs.

  • Event valid until 12/25/2022.
  • Every time the Christmas tree drops its Snow Crystal, the progress percentage will return to 0%, so you can keep adding more Christmas ornaments and get more Snow Crystal.
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