Detective Game


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Crack the Spiegelmann code!

To enter the Mini-Game we must talk to the NPC Spiegelmann located in G3 Zone.

The mini-game consists of solving the 3-digit code, which will give us 20 attempts to enter the correct code.
The first Party user to find the code will earn all Donations Points.

In the Party there are 3 members, and if a user finds the correct code first, he/she will earn the x10 Donation Point that each member entered the game with, i.e. x30 Donation Point.

To be able to play we must create and/or be in a Party, the income is x10 Donation Point per person within the Party.

Each time you enter a code, it will display a history window, where it will give you clues as to how close you are to cracking the code. (Video example - Click here).
  • Circle : displays and counts the number of numbers that are correct and in the correct position.
  • Triangle : displays and counts the number of numbers that are correct, but in the wrong position.
  • X : shows that all numbers entered are incorrect.

  • Circle and Triangle will always be displayed at the same time, if any number entered is correct.
  • X will be displayed only when all entered numbers are incorrect.