Discord Awards


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Now in CygnusMS you can get your own reward for being online or loot another player by viewing their discord status.

The prize is only available to those who show game activity on discord.


In order to know if a user has his discord status activated, we only need to check that under his name is the name of the CygnusMS server.


In order to get or loot a discord user's prize, we must enter their discord user information by clicking on their name.


Then see if the LOOT button is active, and click on it.


When clicking on the LOOT button, we will be redirected to a link, where we must enter the name of our character (respect capital letters and numbers).
The name of the character we enter must be connected in the game.


After entering the name of our character, and clicking PLAY, we must press and slide the mouse pointer inside the sphere in circular form until it shows the gray smoke.


Once the gray mood dissipates, it will show us the prize we have managed to get and it will go directly to our inventory.
In this case I got x100 GMB (Golden Meso Bag).


  • The LOOT button has only a % chance of appearing on the user.
  • The prizes they can get are: boxes, GMB, gachapons, dice, keys and more.
  • If when the link to the mini-game is opened, we get a message like this (see image below), it means that a player has already won the prize.