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Donation Point Rates
For each donation you receive the following:
  • 1 - 49 $ = 1x DP (example 10 $ = 10 DP)
  • 50 - 99 $ = 2x DP + 25DP (example 50 $ = 125 DP)
  • 100 - 249 $ = 2.5x DP + 50 DP (example 100 $ = 300 DP)
  • 250 - 499 $ = x4 DP + 100 DP (example 250 $ = 1100 DP)
  • 500 - 999 $ = x5 DP + 250 DP (example 500 $ = 2750 DP)
  • >=1000 $ = x6 DP + 500 DP (example 1000 $ = 6500 DP)
Also a new cryptocurrency payment method has been added, if you want to make a cryptocurrency donation, you will get an increase of 50% more of your donation!!
For more information send a DM to @Masterk for Discord (Click Here), when you want to use this method.
In order to make a donation, you just need to talk to the NPC Donation Box located in the FM.


In this window we will select option N° 1.


Steps :
  1. Get the link to donate : This option will send us to the link to make the donation.
  2. Verify donation by website: This option verifies the donation we have made, by means of our character's name.
  3. Verify Paypal donation: This option verifies the donation directly from Paypal.
  4. Receive prize : This step allows us to claim our Donation Point or other pending awards.
  5. Donation history : This step shows the history of all donations made.
  6. MVP : This option displays the MVP menu (rewards and benefits).
  7. Casino Online: : This option displays the MVP mini-game menu.


Get the link to donate
"Step N° 01"

It will open the browser and send us to the donation web page.


The web page will show a series of options with a fixed amount to donate, just click on "Select Package" of the desired amount to donate.


Then we must fill in the form with the requested data and accept the terms.

In the Coupon checkbox, if we have any discount code, we can add it to get more profit. Then click on Apply.

Once the data is filled in, just click on PAY NOW and we will be sent to another form to add more data.


After adding the requested data, click on TIP and we will make the payment method.


To confirm our donation, click on "Confirm Payment".

Finally we write the nickname/name of our character (respect capital letters or numbers used).



Verify Donation
"Step N° 02"

At the end of the donation, we must talk to the NPC Donation Box, then enter option 2, and finally click on verify. Here we will be shown the amount of DP (Donation Point) we have acquired, the transaction id and the amount donated.



Receive prize
"Step N° 03"



MVP Awards and Benefits

You can now earn points with your donations, which can be used to redeem various prizes.
The MVP option can be found in the NPC Donation Box, located in the FM.



Among the prizes we can find rings with a unique design and BOX MVP.

There are 4 types of MVP Rings:


There are 5 types of MVP BOX:

MVP Bronce / MVP Silver / MVP Gold / MVP Diamond / MVP Red Royal


Each BOX has surprise prizes






[DP] MVP SHOP, with unique design for donors.

You can redeem it when you complete the 750pts donor.



The more points you accumulate, the more prizes you can redeem.

Note :
  • Any difficulties or problems you may have, please send a private message to Panda.
  • Donation points are only added up if you donate with only one character. If you donate with different characters, the points will not be added up, they will be divided according to the amount donated with each character.
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