Exp Chair Bonus


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In MasterMS now with your favorite Chair you can earn an extra amount of experience when you sit on it.

To add Bonus Exp to your Chair, you must talk to NPC Brown, located on the DP Land map and choose the last option.


It will show us a list of all the chairs we have in our inventory and we will choose the one we want to use.


It will then give us 4 options to choose from with different percentage and cost ranges.


When choosing an option, a random value will be assigned, depending on the option chosen.

Example N° 1: We will choose 1 - 50% (this option will add a random percentage to our chair from 1 to 50% bonus exp)


In this case we added a 27% Exp Bonus to our chair.

If we want to change this value of the aggregate percentage, we must do the same process again to generate
another random value of exp bonus.

Example N° 2: If we have a value of 51% of exp bonus, when using our chair the percentage of exp bonus will increase
1% every 10min, but if we get up from our chair, the percentage gained by sitting will be lost
and return to the original percentage, i.e. 51% of exp bonus.


Note :
  • The percentage of Exp Bonus added to our chair by NPC Brown is permanent.
  • The Exp Bonus percentage earned by using our chair is not permanent.
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