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Summer is coming and MasterMS has great prizes for you!

In order to participate in the event we only need to have 2 items in our inventory:


It is obtained by killing any kind of mobs or buying from the NPC Ruby, located in the FM.
Fishing Chair
It can be purchased from NPC Ruby for x5 Chair Gachapon Ticket, located in the FM.

When we have the required items we just need to go to the Free Market, find a place and use our Fishing Chair (double click on the chair to be able to sit down).


In an interval of 30 to 60 seconds, x1 bait will be consumed and a roulette board will show us a series of images; when we get 3 images of the same fish, we will win Fishing Coin (FC) and x1 Sailfish.

With which you can use them to buy/trade some special items at NPC Ruby.


Roulette table prizes

3 small fish = pay x1 FC
3 medium fish = pay x2 FC
3 normal fish = pay x3 FC
3 big fish = pay x5 FC
3 gold fish = pay x100 FC

3 Scatter = pay Bonus Fishing

Bonus Fishing


By activating the Fishing Bonus we will get 10 free spins.

You can earn Bonus Fishing in 2 ways:

1- Have 3 Scatters appear when you fish using the Fishing Chair.
2- Pay x18 DP to activate it (talking to NPC Ruby).


Bonus rates

Small fish = pay x1 FC
Medium fish = pay x2 FC
Normal fish = pay x3 FC
Big fish = pay x5 DP
Gold fish = pay x100 FC

1 Wild (man fishing) = awards the prize of each fish
2 Wild (man fishing) = doubles the prize
2 Wild (man fishing) = generates +10 free spins Bonus Fishing

  • If the Wild (man fishing) does not appear, you can also win by generating 3 equal fish.
  • If the Wild (man fishing) appears, you automatically earn the FC of each fish value, for example: Wild + Small fish + Big fish = 1 FC+ 5 FC = 6 FC
  • When using the "Reset all Awards" option, you must remember that it only works for 1 character per account, that is to say, if you have redeemed a belt with more than 1 account, you must reset the awards in all the accounts you used to redeem the belts, otherwise it will not work. That is why it is recommended that you only redeem the prizes with 1 account.
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