Happy Valentine's Day - [Finished]


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¡Love is in the air! It's time to hold that special someone close and celebrate by taking part in these fun events!

"Chocolate factory challenge"

To participate in the Valentine's Day challenge, you must talk to NPC Coco, located in Henesys, then choose the Chocolate Factory option.

Each entry has a cost of x1 "Valentine Heart"
(we can get it by killing any kind of mob); when you enter it will send you to a random map of the chocolate factory.

Be careful! If you fall into the chocolate lava or get touched by the cookie wall, you will lose the event and will have to re-enter.

When you finish the 2 phases of the event, you must talk to Gingerbread man to get some chocolates.

You will also be able to obtain chocolates by killing some mini-bosses that will appear in the Choco World automatically from time to time (chat window will pop up the notification when a mini-boss has been summoned).

To enter the Choco World, you must talk to the NPC Head Researcher Wynn located in the Free Market.

What is the purpose of the chocolates?

The chocolates you get serve to give to your friend, girlfriend, partner, lover, sugar mommy, sugar daddy, etc, which gives them a certain score of hearts, which will serve for a Valentine's ranking that ends on Tuesday, February 14 - 23:00/11:00pm, and they will get special gifts.

  • Valentine Chocolate (Dark) = 1 Heart
  • Valentine Chocolate (Strawberry) = 2 Hearts
  • Valentine Chocolate (White) = 3 Hearts

How did you send the chocolates to the special person?

You must go to Henesys and talk to NPC Coco, option Give chocolates to a special person.

  • Give chocolates to a special person : It allows us to send our chocolates to a special person of our choice.

Select the chocolate you want to give him/her, then indicate the quantity and finally the name of his/her character (respect capital letters).

  • Ranking Valentine´s Day : It shows the heart score ranking.
  • Prizes for sending chocolates : It shows us the list of prizes that we can win by sending chocolates.
  • Visit the Chocolate Factory : It allows us to enter the chocolate factory.

What does the sender of chocolates gain?

To see the list of prizes, you must talk to the NPC Coco, choose the option Prizes for sending chocolates.

  • Users who are found trying to give heart points to their secondary characters (mules) will be applied a BAN PERMANENT penalty.
  • The chocolates can only be given away until February 14th until 23:00/11:00pm. After that they will not be able to accumulate heart points.
  • The heart points counter, for the other person will be activated when he/she accepts the gifts, for that you must type @awards and select the Valentine's Day gifts that were sent to him/her.