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Puzzle Challenge

The New Year's Challenge is a puzzle that has several Floors (Levels).
To access the challenge you must enter the Game Zone and talk to the NPC Hyperspace Cube Control System and then choose the Puzzle Box option.

OPTION´S Puzzle Box :
  1. Open boxes : To be able to play the Puzzle Challenge.
  2. See list of awards : It shows us all the prizes that we can win, grouped by levels. (All/Basic/Rare/Epic/Legendary)

"How to get keys for Puzzle"

For every vote you make on the server you will win some prizes, including the puzzle key.
To vote just use the command @vote and it will show you the menu with the options.

Open boxes

Choosing the Open Boxes option will show us a window with some prizes (according to the level you advance in the Puzzle Challenge),
which we will choose the one we want to win. Once we have chosen the prize, we can start opening the BOXES.

To open the BOX, just click on any BOX you want, every time you open a BOX a Hero's Key will be consumed.
(remember that we must have the Hero's Key in our inventory).

  • Before closing the window to open the BOX, we must first click on the option below that says [click to save and close], in order to save our progress.
  • Before opening the BOX, we must verify that we have space in our inventory.
  • Only one BOX will have the prize we have chosen as the main prize, the rest will only have Coin's .

See list of awards

All level awards :

BASIC level awards :

RARE level awards :

Displayed every 3 advanced levels in Puzzle Challenge.

EPIC level awards :

Displayed every 5 advanced levels in Puzzle Challenge.

LEGENDARY level awards :

Displayed every 20 advanced levels in Puzzle Challenge.

  • When we reach/complete level 20 of the Puzzle Challenge, we will return to level 1, to play again and open BOX.
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