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What is TragaCoins?

It is a mini-game in which you must select the maplestory mobs that have a certain value that multiplies your bet,
it all depends on luck.


Where can I find the mini-game?

To access the challenge you must enter the Game Zone and talk to the NPC Hyperspace Cube Control System and then choose the TragaCoins option.

How can I play?

To be able to play you must talk to the NPC Hyperspace Cube Control System, choose the option TragaCoins and
finally the option Play TragaCoin.


To bet a certain amount of Golden Meso Bag, just click on the image of the mobs.

Each click on an image is equivalent to 1 GMB, the total sum of which must not exceed
the Golden Meso Bag purchased or stored in our account.

Once we are ready to try our luck, simply click GO.


To withdraw our profit, simply click on RECEIVE.

When you generate a type of profit in the TragaCoins, you have the option to double
the amount earned or lose it completely.

Just choose one of the 2 arrows.

< Left or Right >


What are the multiplication rates of my bet?

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