Monster Book Collection


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Now in CygnusMS for completing the cards of each mob, you will be able to get KD (Kaotic Damage).

In order to get Bonus KD, we only have to kill 50k of each mob to complete 1 card.

For each completed card you will get 1% KD (Kaotic Damage).

When we kill a certain amount of mobs, the chat window will show us the amount of mobs we have killed.

In order to see the amount of killed or completed card of mobs that your character has, you must use the command @mb

  • My monster album : Allows us to see the number of completed cards.

We can also view the completed cards by entering the "Monster Book" menu on the game keyboard.

  • Card of monster : It allows us to see the amount of killed of each mob that we have in our character.

If we wish to complete the 50k killed and buy the card of a mob, we only have to choose the card of the mob and then click on the option "Acquire the card for x5 dp".

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