Monster Carnival


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Monster Carnival is a competitive PQ, where 2 groups of users face each other (each group of users in a PARTY).

The objective of this PQ is to collect as many points as possible, which are obtained in the orbs given by each mob.

To access the PQ, you must talk to the NPC Head Researcher Wynn located in the Free Market.


Every 6 hours, a notification will pop up with the time that the Monster Carnival is about to start.


While in the waiting area, we must wait until the counter reaches 0.
Everyone on the map must join and/or create a party to be able to join.

Each party must have an even number of users.


For each mob you kill, it will drop an orb, which gives a certain amount of points (1 to 3 points).
They must collect as many points as possible for the points to be added to their team.


They will also be able to send a debuff-control to the other party's users for 10 seconds.


In order to kill the mobs you must use the basic attack.
In the case of Demon Slayers, they must crouch and use the basic attack.


Once the 10 minute time limit is over, the team that scored the most points will be teleported to a map where they must talk to NPC Spiegelmann to be taken to another map filled with a chest of prizes.


In this map you will only have 1 minute to collect as many prizes as possible.
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