[NORMAL] Fusion Anvil


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"[NORMAL] Fusion Anvil"


What does it do?

This Fusion Anvil, what it does is to pass all the attributes of a Normal (non-NX) item to any other Normal (non-NX) item.


  • The [Normal] Fusion Anvil" only works on non-NX items, to pass on their attributes.

How does it work?


To perform the transfer of attributes, we must talk to the NPC Thunderhammer, located in DP LAND, then choose the type of Anvil,
in this case we will choose the option "[NORMAL] Fusion Anvil".


In this window we will choose the type of item we want to use, in this case, we will choose Gloves.


This window will show us all items of the Gloves category that we have in our inventory.
Select the primary GLOVES we want to use to transfer the attributes to the new item.

  • Keep in mind that if we have more items similar to the one chosen in our inventory, we must have them in order, so as not to make a mistake when choosing.


Once our main item is selected, in this window we will choose the item to which we want to transfer the attributes.

Once the item is selected, click on "NEXT" and we will see this other window,
in which we must write the word "YES" in the box to confirm the fusion.

In this window we will see a message telling us that the merger was successful. To finish click on "OK".

Recommendation :
  • Have in our inventory only the items we want to use, according to the category you are going to use to transfer the attributes.
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