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"Play dice and win prizes"

Earn dice for each vote you make on the server, to play just use the @vote command to see the menu of options.

  1. It gives us the link to vote.
  2. See the last votes made and receive the dice.
  3. Play the dice.
  • The dice can also be obtained by purchasing them for 3 Donation Point with the NPC "Kanna".
  • You can receive up to 3 dice per day per account using different IPs.
  • When we cast our vote, we must wait at least 3min to be able to claim the die.

How can I see my votes and claim my dice?

In order to see my votes cast and claim my dice, we must choose option N° 2.

  • Each vote is equivalent to one die.

How can I play?

To do this we must choose option N° 3 and it will show us a new menu, which has the following options:

  1. Provides the rules of the game and list of prizes.
  2. Allows to transfer the dice purchased by Donation Point to the game.
  3. Allows you to claim the prizes won.
  4. Login to play.

- Option N° 1:

- Option N° 2:
In the text box, we must write the number of dice we want to transfer.

- Option N° 3:

- Option N° 4:
  • When you click on play now, a window will open in which the prizes will appear, each move you make will eat a die and the object you get will be won, if the indicator exceeds the number 36 you will go back to the beginning.
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