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  • What differentiates our server from others?
Our private server has customized options, such as:
Lv 99999 max, Skills Lv 100, attributes on items with 32767 or more, among others.
Normal and cash items with attributes from 32767 to more, mobs and boss with level 5000+, maps with lots of mobs, skills with high range, missions to earn bonus EXP, DROP, TOTAL DAMAGE, and much more.

  • What are the rates?
Rates vary depending on your level and character advancement.

  • How can I change the resolution of my game client?
Look for the Cygnus.ini file within your folder. Open it as a notepad file and edit the values in there. Some of the recommended resolutions include 1366x768, 1600x900, 1920x1080. Please check your monitor resolution before deciding which is best. Once you get into the game, press System -> System Options -> Tick 1024x768 on Resolution and press OK.

  • It says that my ID is currently logged into the game, but I am not.
Open your Task Manager and look for Maplestory.exe in the Processes tab and right click it to End Task.
If this does not solve it, you should send a message to an Administrator on the server's discord, then wait 5 to 10 minutes.

  • My game client crashes when I use the Vampire skill.
Make sure to level the skill up to 100 before attempting to use the skill.

  • I do not have a starter weapon suitable for my class.
Visit the local weapon store for your respective class. (E.g. If you are a thief, go to the Kerning Weapon Store to buy a claw or dagger)

  • What and what are the bonus?
Bonuses are extra attributes to improve your character, in damage, playability and performance.
All bonus stats shared withyour entireaccount.
Type the command @bonus to see the amount of bonus stats you've earned from killing certain bosses,running monster park, and running kaotic dojo.
Type the command @qbonus to see the amount of bonus stats you've earned from quests.
Type the command @abonus to see the amount of bonus stats you've earned from achievements.
Type the command @link to see the amount of bonus stats you've earned from leveling characters on your account.
There are bonuses such as:
  • IED : Increases the success rate of direct damage to mobs and bosses.
  • Overpower : It serves as additional damage to the normal or total attack.
  • Exp Rate : Increases experience gain.
  • Drop Rate : Increases the drop rate of items.
  • Meso Rate : Increases the drop rate of mesos.
  • All Stats : Increases the percentage of STR, DEX, INT, LUK, ATT, MATT, DEF, MDEF attributes.
  • Total Damage : Increases total damage.
  • Boss Damage : Increases damage to bosses.

  • Are there donation promotions?
Yes, from time to time promotions with discounts are launched.
For more information visit:

  • Where and what can I buy with Donation Point?
To enter DP LAND we only have to go to the FM and enter the Market portal.
We will be able to buy items such as chairs, buff exp, drop, item cash, ring, android egg and many other things.

  • Do I need to donate real money to the server to get Donation Points (DP)?
No, you do not. DP also drops at a very low drop rate (1/1,000,000) from any monsters.

  • Does my drop bonus affect the drop rate of items within the global rare drop table (e.g. DP)?
No. Those items have their own unique drop rate which is not affected by any drop multiplier within the game.

  • What jobs are there in this server?
On this server we have the classes:
  • Explorer : Warrior, Archet, Thief, Mage y Pirate
  • Cygnus : Ark, Kanna, Kain, Night Walker, Path Finder
  • Resistance : Battle Mage, Wind Hunter, Mechanic
  • Otros : Evan, Demon Slayer, Cannoner, Dual Blade

  • Do all jobs have 4th Job?
Yes, except the jobs adapted to the Cygnus (Ark, Kanna, Kain, Path Finder) only count up to 3rd Job.

  • What is Overpower Damage?
Overpower Damage is the total amount of damage you deal past the visual cap, as mentioned above. It is a unique damage system to this server which activates when you level above 250 and have hit the visual damage cap.

  • What is Golden Maple Leaf used for?
GML is used to gain additional ability points (up to 1,000,000 ability points maximum). Talk to Nana(H) in Henesys.

  • How can I level up fast?
In order to level up quickly, you need to have and level several characters on your account to earn bonuses that give the link skill.
Also by joining a guild for skill guilds, completing quests, killing bosses and upgrading your equipment.

  • What are the drop rates for certain rare global drop items like dino parts and DP?
Dino has a drop rate of 1/250,000. 4.5% chance that the dino drop will come with zero stats. DP has a drop rate of 1/1,000,000.

  • How do I change my hair/face?
Talk to Cody in various towns. A random set of eyes and hair is generated every time you click on the NPC. If you do not see one you like, click the NPC again to generate a different selection.

  • Will untradeable equipment disappear if I drop them on the ground?
No, they will not. However, DO NOT attempt to drop any boss ETCs on the ground as these WILL disappear.

  • Can pets use auto HP/MP or auto buff on this server?
No, pets are purely for cosmetic purposes on this server.

  • Can I leave my character attacking and farming alone?
Sure, as long as you don't use illegal programs that violate the rules.
Otherwise you will be given a PERMANENT BAN, without the right to appeal.

  • Why don’t I get any ETC items from killing monsters?
ETC items are stored in your overflow. It’s the 4th NPC from the left in “quick move”.

  • How can I improve my equipment and damage?
To improve your equipment, there are several items, such as:
Cubes to get slot potential, Scroll Super Enhancement to add stats points, Super scroll power and more.

  • How can I get items?
There are several ways to get items, such as:
Drop in mobs and Boss, Gachapon Ticket Redemption, Dice Events, Custom Missions, and more.

  • How do I get cubes and scrolls?
You can get them drop from mobs, buying them for mesos and coins at the NPC Inkwell.
For more information visit: Features | Características

  • Can I pass the options from one item to another?
Yes; there is an item called Anvil, which allows you to pass all options, including slot potential.
For more information visit: Features | Características

  • Is the NX permanent or will it expire after a certain amount of days?
No, all NX or CASH items are permanent.
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