The Claw


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The claw is a mini-game where inside there are a variety of items, such as Golden Meso Bag, Gachapon Chair, Puzzle Keys, among others. All of which can be obtained through a claw.

In order to play the mini-game, you need a Gachapon for slot Machine ticket, which you can get at the Trivia Quiz.

How can I play?

We must talk to the NPC Claw Machine, located in the DL LAND map.

Then choose the option "The Claw", and add the Gachapon for slot Machine tickets.

Example: In this case I only have x10 in my inventory.

Then it will provide us with a link, which we must copy and paste in our web browser to enter the game.

  • The account that we will use in The Claw mini-game, must be the one used to add the Gachapon for slot Machine in The Claw option.

How does it work?

When we are on the mini-game page, it will show us the amount of Gachapon for slot Machine that we have added to our account.

To play, just left click (inside the red box) and without releasing the mouse button, wait until the claw reaches the item you want to grab and then release the mouse button.

  • Avoid that the claw touches the edge of the right side (see image with the red box), because if it does, it loses the turn and in turn consumes the ticket.

  • The item can get stuck in the claw, and to solve this problem, you have to use another bill.
  • If the item gets stuck and there is no more ticket, the prize is lost.
  • To avoid this problem try to aim at the center of the item.

How do I claim my awards?

We must talk to the NPC Claw Machine, located in the DL LAND map.

Then choose the option "Claim prizes".

It will show a list of all awards pending to be claimed.

  • Remember to always check that you have space in your inventory before claiming any prizes.
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