Visiting Santa - [Finished]


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It consists of delivering the Christmas ornaments to the snowman to redeem the book and meet Santa.

You can access HappyVille by talking to NPC Head Reasearcher Wynn (located in the Free Market), choose the White Christmas Xmass option.

Then talk to the
NPC Black-nosed fur.

In "HappyVille", we must talk to the NPC "Branch Snowman" and choose any of the 5 options.

It will send us to the map where the Christmas Tree is, look for the NPC "Scarf Snowman" and choose the 2nd option.

Here it will show us all the Christmas decorations we need to complete the mission.

Christmas ornaments can be obtained by killing the Snowman or in the "Red Gift Box".

Once we have all the Christmas decorations, we can claim the Christmas Tree Journal.

With this book you will be able to meet Santa and of course he will give you great gifts.

When we have the Christmas book, we must enter the portal that is in the fireplace, where we can meet Santa and claim many prizes.

  • On December 25 Santa Claus will appear, give him the book and you will receive surprise gifts.
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