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How can I vote?

In order to vote we must first obtain the link, which can be found by using the command @vote and then choosing option N°1.

It will open a page for us to cast our vote.

We place a check in the I am Human box, complete the Captcha, click on Verify and finally click on VOTE.

  • We can make up to 3 votes per day per account, using different IP/VPN.
  • Once you have cast your vote, you must wait at least 3 minutes before you can claim your prizes.

How do I view my votes and claim my awards?

In order to see my votes and claim my prizes, we must choose option N° 2.

  • The 4 prizes you win for voting, you can only get them on the first vote of the day (every 24hrs), on the 2nd and 3rd vote you will only win 1 die.
  • Abuse and/or the act of attempting to successfully circumvent voting restrictions may result in permanent banning.
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