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How can I vote?

In order to vote we must first obtain the link, which can be found by using the command @vote and then choosing option N°2.


It will open a page for us to cast our vote.

Complete the Captcha and click Submit.


  • You can make up to 2 votes per account (IP/MAC), using different network (wifi and cellular internet).
  • When we cast our vote, we must wait at least 3 minutes to be able to claim the prizes (if they did not arrive automatically).
  • Only the 1st and 2nd votes contain prizes; if you make a 3rd vote (before 24hrs have passed) only the vote will count (you will not get prizes) and the list of prizes per day will increase.
  • You must wait at least 24hrs after the 2nd vote to be able to get the prizes.


How do I view my votes and claim my awards?

In order to see my votes and claim my prizes, we must choose option N° 3.


  • All prizes shown in the 1st option, you can only get them in the first vote of the day (every 24hrs), in the second one you will get x1 Sengoku Ticket (cash) + x1 Hero's Key + x1 Dice.
  • The prizes of the 2nd vote, will go directly to your inventory without any notification (except the dice, it will go directly to the mini-game), if they don't arrive, you must use option 3 to claim it.
  • Abuse and/or the act of trying to successfully circumvent the voting restrictions may result in permanent banning.
  • To see the list of prizes, we must choose the 1st option.
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