Weekly Missions


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Weekly missions are a series of tasks that must be completed on a weekly basis in order to earn great prizes, such as Donation Point (DP).

To see the weekly missions and awards, you must use the @achievement command, choose the General option and go to the bottom of the list.


In order to see the list of tasks to be performed from the weekly missions, you must talk to the NPC Grandpa Tom, located in the Free Market and choose the second option.


Upon completion of each task, the box will automatically be activated and the prize will go to your inventory.


IMPORTANT: Before completing and/or receiving the Gold Richie's Ignition Key, verify that you do not have any of them stored in your inventory, otherwise you must keep them in your STORAGE. This must be done in order to correctly receive all the Gold Richie's Ignition Key, otherwise you will not receive the Gold Richie's Ignition Key.

In the Missions tab, you will find the list of Crowns missions.


In order to see the mission of each crown, you must place the mouse pointer over it.

Upon completion, the crown will be automatically activated.

  • Weekly quest awards will automatically go to your inventory, provided you have completed all tasks.
  • Remember to always check that you have space in your inventory first, before completing the task to receive your prize.
  • Rewards can only be claimed with the first character used to claim the first prize.
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