Costume Contest - Halloween - [Finished]


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What is it about?

There will be a special event with great prizes, in which you must demonstrate your skills and ingenuity to cause the greatest impact, you just have to be original and creative.

The best Halloween costume

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How do I participate?
The participation is exclusively for this post in the forum, you must make a comment with the image of your character with the theme related to halloween.
You can post until October 31 at 20:00 GMT -5
What are the requirements?
To win the costume contest your character must be in costume with the following in mind:
  • Cause terror (5 points)
  • Must be original or not common/simple (5 points)
  • The environment or map must be in accordance with the costume. (5 points)
  • Aggregates or editing, you can also draw your character by hand. (5 points)
The jury will evaluate these 4 points and the maximum score will be 20.

  • 1st place : 15 Marvel Machine + 250 DP + 40 Scratch & Win
  • 2nd place : 10 Marvel Machine + 150 DP + 25 Scratch & Win
  • 3rd place : 5 Marvel Machie + 100 DP + 10 Scratch & Win
  • All participants : 50 DP

  • You can only participate 1 time per user/person, avoid being disqualified and penalized.
  • Avoid being caught using multiple accounts or characters, as you will be disqualified and penalized.


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